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How to Make Your LinkedIn Profile Stand Out

If you are a job-seeker, your LinkedIn profile can play a key role in attracting employers’ and recruiters’ attention. This article will help you find out which six things employers and recruiters would like to see on your LinkedIn profile and what you can do to stand out. 1: Headshot Your picture is the first thing a person sees on your profile, and thus, your first chance to make a good impression. You should have a clear, professional looking headshot. 2: Show You’re Open to New Opportunities If you’re comfortable, use the #OpentoWork photo frame - which is visible to all LinkedIn members. You can also choose to show only recruiters that you're open to work, without changing your profile photo frames. Once you do this, you can add the positions you’re interested in. Click here for instructions on how to do all this. 3: Align Your Resume & LinkedIn Profile Recruiters love to see applicants that are career-oriented and not being is a common reason they discard your profile. So, your LinkedIn profile and resume should both give the same overall impression, especially when it comes to your career interests. If you’re applying for positions in marketing, then your "About" section should highlight your interest in that industry. Before submitting a job application, it’s a good idea to take a look at your LinkedIn profile and the application side-by-side to check that they match. Once your resume intrigues a recruiter enough for them to consider you, your LinkedIn profile is a way to keep that intrigue. What does it mean to be career-oriented? You know what you want to do for work and your background, skills, passions and interest reflect that. You’re not just looking for another job - but one that matches your skills and interests. You don’t have to know exactly what job you want for the rest of your life. You should know the specific jobs that you are currently looking for and why you are interested in them. 4: Use the Right Keywords Recruiters check profiles and use LinkedIn to search for potential candidates using keywords. In your “About” section, using keywords related to your industry of interest is another way to appear career oriented and enhance your profile's likelihood to be found through search engines. For example, if you’re looking for employment in digital marketing, then your profile should contain some of the keywords that are related to your target job - mention some of your hard skills in your “About” section that will allow recruiters to find you for the right opportunities. 5: Customize Your URL Your default LinkedIn profile URL has your name followed by a sequence of numbers and letters. You can customize your URL to take these out. Check out these two sample profile URLs, default vs. customized. The second one looks better, right? Apart from simply being more visually appealing and making you seem like a tech-savvy person, customizing your profile URL makes it easier for you to be found through search engines like Google. For step-by-step instructions on how to customize your profile URL, go to this Customize Your Public Profile URL page by LinkedIn Help Remember, you want recruiters and potential employers to be able to find you on LinkedIn. Make sure to include your customized LinkedIn profile URL at the top of your resume, where your other contact information is. 6: Adjust Your Public Profile Settings If someone finds your profile through a search engine and looks at it through the Internet, it might appear different than it does on LinkedIn. Your public profile is what is shown on search engines and other off LinkedIn services. It will show all or some portions of your profile, depending on what your settings are. Make sure the aspects of your profile you want to be seen. When you adjust your public profile settings, LinkedIn will show you what your profile looks to a public viewer. Key Takeaways You can attract recruiters attention through having a professional looking headshot and using the open to opportunities setting. Show your career oriented through aligning your resume and LinkedIn profiles to give the same impression about your career interests and goals. To make your profile search engine friendly, you can customize your profile URL, adjust your public profile settings, and use keywords related to your industry in your “About” section. Three people are hired every minute on LinkedIn. The appeal of your LinkedIn profile puts you one step forward to being hired for a job that fits you. About Us Lightning HR provides career assistance for job-seekers through resume building, LinkedIn profile development, and interview preparation. Contact us at to book a time with one of our career advisors. We are here to support you!

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