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Let us help!

Lightning HR is now pleased to offer career services to all job seekers.

What is stopping you from reaching your career goals?

Let us help you land your dream job!

What We Offer:


Resume Review

60 min session

  • Learn about Applicant Tracking System 

  • How to build an ATS friendly resume

  • Highlight relevant Experience and Skills 

  • A resume templete for 

$210/ session

On a Video Call

Interview Prep

60 min session

  • Practice virtual/in person interview skills

  • Participate in a 20-minute mock interview

  • Feedback on ways to improve your answers

$210/ session

Contact us at

Please send us an email to arrange a brief phone call for us to learn about you and your career goals. 

From there, we will schedule you for one of our sessions.

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