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Full-Cycle Recruitment
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Lightning HR Solutions Inc. is a boutique Recruitment & HR firm based in Vancouver, BC. 



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With over eight years of experience in the HR and recruitment industry, we support companies hiring top talent in today’s highly candidate-driven market. 

Meryl Yildirim    
Search Partner | Recruitment Consultant

We help businesses grow their team through full-cycle recruitment services and express HR solutions in Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary & Across Canada. Recruitment is a laborious and time-consuming process; we take the burden off our clients by identifying top talent so they can focus on what matters most in their business. Good recruiters present candidates based on the job requirements. Great recruiters build a strong relationship with their clients, listen to their needs, understand their ideal candidate well, and deliver exactly that. 


As a small recruiting firm, we pride ourselves on our high levels of service and ensuring hands-on support to our clients from start to finish.

Recruitment Agency Vancouver, HR Agency Toronto

Solutions for
Both Employers
and Job-Seekers



Full Cycle Recruitment

Career Services

Executive Search

Employer Branding

In today’s economy, fast-acting techniques and long-term results are a lot more crucial than ever before. Lightning HR makes recruitment easy for employers by providing solutions and the highest standard of services.

Clients want results and

they want it NOW!

Our Clients

 Are you hiring for temporary or permanent positions?  
We are focused on helping our clients in the following industries for direct hires:

Hr Recruitment Agencies Toronto, HR Solutions Toronto, HR Solution Toronto
IT & Web Development.png
Marketing & Advertising.png

IT & Software Development

Media / Marketing & Advertising

Lightning HR: Your Gateway to Exceptional Talent

Are you searching for a reliable and efficient recruitment agency in Toronto, Vancouver, or Calgary to fulfill your hiring needs?  Look no further than Lightning HR.

Based in Vancouver, we specialize in providing top-notch HR services tailored to meet the unique requirements of businesses across Canada. Our comprehensive expertise and dedicated team of recruitment specialists make us the preferred Recruitment Partner in Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, and beyond. 


We are firmly committed to connecting you with exceptional talent that drives your organization's success.

A Glimpse of Our Services

As one of the premier recruiting agencies in Vancouver and Toronto, we offer diverse recruiting services to streamline 

your hiring process and ensure you find the right candidates efficiently.

Our services include:

1 - Full-cycle Recruitment/ Candidate Screening and Selection

We employ robust sourcing techniques and a rigorous screening process to identify and evaluate qualified candidates who possess the skills, experience, and cultural fit demanded by your organization. As one of the leading recruiting firms in Vancouver, we conduct comprehensive interviews and thorough background checks, leaving no stone unturned in finding the ideal talent for your company.


2 - Executive Search

Very few recruitment agencies offer customized recruitment solutions and exemplary results for key positions. We are one such competent agency.

We specialize in executive search services for hard-to-fill positions and have much more personal and in-depth recruitment approach than a traditional recruitment method. We assist employers with locating, recruiting, selecting and placement of individuals for senior-level or skilled positions. We utilize our extensive networks and innovative tools, such as AI technology, and implement active sourcing strategies to identify exceptional professionals who can accelerate your business ahead. 


3 - Employer Branding
Attract the candidates you want with a strong employer brand. 


The most important outcome of having a strong employer brand is that prospective employees will be more inclined to consider your company when applying for jobs. Your company’s reputation as an employer impact recruiting results- The job description of the role you are hiring for, your company’s online presence, the interview process, and the overall candidate experience you provide during the hiring process all contribute to your employer brand. Did you know that 92% of prospective employees would consider leaving their job if offered a position with a company that has a strong employer brand?


At Lightning HR, we take a step further and assist you in building a strong employer brand using our expertise in the field so you can attract the best of the best people to join your team. If you need support in becoming an employer of choice in a competitive market and stand out from the crowd, then our recruitment agency is here to assist.

Why Choose Us?

1 - Extensive Industry Knowledge

Our recruitment agency boasts a team of experienced professionals with in-depth knowledge of various sectors, including IT, Marketing, Media and Finance.  We understand the unique challenges and requirements specific to different industries, allowing us to provide tailored solutions that truly meet your needs.


2 - Customized Approach

In recruiting, a customized hiring process means understanding your unique company culture and values to attract talent that is not only a fit for the role but is also a great match for your organization. We take a custom approach to recruitment, beginning with a thorough understanding of your organization's culture, values, and objectives. This enables us to find the right talent for the job, and a perfect match for your company.


3 - Exceptional Client Service

At Lightning HR, exceptional client service is our top priority. We provide hands-on support throughout the entire hiring process and treat all our clients like they are our only client. As one of the leading Recruiting Agencies in Vancouver and Toronto, we are committed to clear communication, timely updates, and delivering a seamless experience. Your satisfaction is paramount to us.


Ready to Take Your Recruitment Efforts to the Next Level?

Partner with Lightning HR and unlock the potential of exceptional HR& Recruitment services that drive your organization's growth. Contact us today, and let us assist you in finding bright talent for the right job vacancy.

We Are Here To Help!
We Treat Our Clients As Partners To Help Them Achieve:

Hiring Goals

Team Growth

Business Success

Meryl’s reassuring presence made the process comfortable, start to finish

Recruiting was a challenge, the time and effort it took out of my day made the process something I did not look forward to. Working with Lightning HR allowed me to keep the ship sailing relatively smoothly in my operation, something that I had not experienced before when hiring. Usually, 25%-30% of my day would be suddenly gone for several weeks, but not this time around. I was surprised by the ease of the process. I knew it would be easier than what I had done before, but not this easy!

- Regional Digital Sales Manager/  Marketing and Advertising

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